As a group of young professionals, the members of the It's for the Kids Foundation seek to gain active participation from the general public in order to improve the lives of children living in Trinidad and Tobago. The group carries this out by organizing and recruiting volunteers, holding fundraising events, and playing an active role in every project we undertake. We believe that changing the lives of children does not entail only handing over tangible things. Through the intangible we hope to encourage all volunteers to use their time and talents in any way that they can, to contribute to making a difference. From visiting the home and planning field trips to organizing events and fundraisers, we aim to make volunteering a fun task for people of all ages. It is our hope that the It's for the Kids Foundation will provide a great social benefit to our country of Trinidad and Tobago.
Become a Mentor
  Mentorship programs world-wide have shown that children that are part of a mentorship program are more likely to improve in their academic performance and in their relationships with family and friends, and are less likely to be truant, use illegal drugs or alcohol, or become physically violent.
Recent News
  At a time when the young generation is constantly being viewed in a negative light and the good works and efforts of a constructive few go unnoticed, it is always refreshing to highlight a usually ignored fact and not all the youth are lost and there are many who are trying to save this generation.
Our Programmes
  The St. Dominic's Children's Home consists of seven buildings, which provide residence for ten groups of children. Constructed over 60 years ago, all of the buildings are in need of reconstruction. The Home is undertaking the reconstruction of one of the buildings that will provide living quarters for the older girls, as well as a common room and study area for all of the children; currently, help is needed with furnishing the Home.